Anne Smerdon's canvas of beauty from Dannielle Murray.

Whether it’s pen to paper or the stroke of a brush to canvas, the creation of art is something that has always been in the DNA of Gold Coast artist Anne Smerdon.

As a young girl, Anne was surrounded by art as her parents fostered a creative spirit. She was always drawing, and had particular interest in capturing the beauty of animals.

Anne explained that this was because as a kid, she believed she could understand animals more than the average person could. Anne had an idea that girls where the protectors of the animals; they looked after them, grew up with them and understood them – there was a beautiful symbiotic bond between the two.

However, what took Anne’s family by surprise was her choice to study law and commerce at university. But, Anne soon realised it wasn’t for her as she drew in every lecture. She followed in her father’s footsteps switching to architecture, but more of a free and creative side has come out leading Anne to pursue a profession in art itself.

Anne explained that the inspiration and vision behind her art was not politically motivated or to get a point across. Rather, she labeled it as ‘quite selfish,’ in the sense she wanted to paint the things she found beautiful.

Anne showed me many of her pieces, from which I could strongly sense her ideology of the symbiotic bond between the girl and the animal. I also saw another side to Anne’s art as explored throughout the video, which stemmed from the period of time she had off after open-heart surgery. As I watched Anne in her element, undertaking her creative process - the strong focus and brightness in her eyes definitely symbolised to me how strong her passion truly is. Personally I believe we will be seeing a lot more of Anne’s art in the future. She explains that it is the medium she delves into to deal with the world, and as long as she keeps pursuing it – she will be happy.

This video contains excerpts of the original song – The Way by Pitx.

From Dannielle Murray.