Buy Art

Manyung Gallery make it easy for you to buy art for your home or office through the following services.

Free In-Home Art Consultancy / Mobile Gallery

The Directors of Manyung Gallery have developed a positive reputation for providing practical and creative consultancy for clients wishing to receive objective input to their creative needs. Typically, we visit a house, digitally record the areas requiring attention, measure critical spaces, review artificial and natural lighting affecting hanging or display areas, and assess the current layout as well as tonality of the target environment.

We then make a series of recommendations as to style, size and artist, bearing in mind the budgetary constraints of individual circumstances.The next step is to bring a range of artworks into the house, usually leaving them for a day or two and assisting the client in trying them in various locations. At this stage we determine whether specific commissions are required to satisfy particular locational needs.

Our extended payment terms are often enjoyed by clients benefiting from Manyung Gallery’s in-home art consultancy service.

Hanging and Installation

Manyung has the capacity to install paintings and sculpture. We have sourced a number of specialist painting hangers and sculpture installers.

Our objective is to provide ultimate customer service by having every facet of your new acquisition installed to your absolute satisfaction. We would be more than pleased to discuss your individual needs and refer you to the most appropriate contractor.

Extended Payment Terms

Manyung Gallery offers extended payment terms through Paysmart, whereby clients are able to ease their budgetary challenges through extending their payments interest free over three months. A Valuation Certificate will be provided on completion of the payment schedule.


Manyung Gallery is happy to work with you, our client, and the artist to specially create an individual work, to suit your particular needs and creative desires.
The process involves the artist and the Gallery liaising closely with you, the client, to clearly ascertain the brief, and depending on the complexity and the budget, mock-ups or maquettes may be developed (at an additional cost) as part of the creative concept approval process. A commencing deposit of 30% of the final quoted amount will be invoiced and paid prior to the commencement of the project. Lead times for the delivery of either the concepts or finished artworks depend on the complexity and the individual artist’s workloads.

Please contact us for further details and to arrange a meeting with the artist of your choice.

Art Classes

Artist, Monica Adams was trained in Fine Art at Monash University. Monica’s classes are set in the creative space at Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, in an inspiring and social atmosphere.

Adult classes are for beginners to the advanced artist. Beginners can learn technical drawing and painting skills taught at a student’s own pace. Advanced students will enjoy increasing skills in composition and technique. These classes allow for one-on-one teaching within the group.

Kids classes allow your child to explore and develop their natural creativity, in a fun and encouraging environment, while learning art skills and composition. Materials used and provided in these classes are paint, inks, charcoal and watercolours.

Contact Manyung Gallery on (03) 9787 2953 for enquiries or to book classes.


Manyung Gallery has proudly exported artwork to Canada, the Channel Islands, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, PRC Holland, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, and the United States.

In order to ensure that artwork arrives in a safe and timely manner, Manyung Gallery has forged alliances with specialty freight on forwarders and packing services. These services also provide advice on insurance. To date we have experienced no problems whatsoever in exporting artwork on behalf of our clients to any destination. It is also worth noting that export sales are Goods and Services Tax exempt and the appropriate documentation is prepared by the Gallery to reflect this for those clients wishing to take artwork overseas.