May 23, 2015
Art Classes in Manyung Gallery with Marek Wilinski

Bring your ideas to life in a relaxed and creative environment.

Marek has been a professional artist for over 15 years, and continues to grow and develop his love and passion for his work. He now warmly invites you to join him at Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, to soak up with atmosphere, receive some gentle guidance, and do a bit of artwork yourself!

These classes aim to be a time where you can bring your own ideas to life and choose what direction you want to take, while maintaining the safety of having someone to upon when you’re stuck! Marek will be there to support during your creative journey, with the hope that each finished product will be what you aimed to achieve.

When: Wednesday and Saturday, 10:30am until 1:00pm

Where: 1408 Nepean Highway Mt Eliza, Victoria

Who: Adult classes for beginners to the advanced artist

Cost: $35 per class (2.5 hour session)

Contact: Manyung Gallery, 9787 2953 or email

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