May 5, 2015
Ralf Kempken installs new public art

Congratulations to Ralf Kempken who recently installed his new public art piece on the back of the Dimmey’s Development facing Richmond Railway Station. The work consists of 72 individual sheets, measuring 480 centimetres in height and spanning the entire length of the back wall at 45 metres.

The image consists of a number of Richmond School children dating from the 1920's overlaid with contemporary childrens’ eyes depicting various racial backgrounds, but none specifically, making reference to the changes this inner city suburb has undergone in relation to immigration and multiculturalism. The vertical lines in which the image is embedded also reference the many corrugated iron fences in the area. During the depression years many picket and paling fences were torn down for firewood and later replaced with corrugated iron.

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