March 5, 2014
A most misunderstood medium pastel is the only medium used in my work today after 36 years of painting in various mediums I still prefer these humble sticks of sophisticated chalk - Kate Smith

Pastel, a coloured powder, with infinite shades keeps its intensity untouched year after year.
Some art amateurs are frightened by its fragility, but for me it is by far my favourite medium.

Artist Kate Smith speaks about the underrated medium;
"I use pastels more as a painting medium than a drawing medium taking it to bold extremes. Protected under glass the pastels will remain pure, unlike those of oil painting, which are seriously damaged by an inherent process due to old age. They contain no fillers just pure pigment and fine china clay. I begin with under-painting techniques before my pastel work begins. Mixed mediums, such as inks, gouache watercolour - pencil and the like may be used. I even use my pastels by crushing them and mixing with water. I may also use clear or coloured primers and modelling pastes to underlay the work before painting with my pastels. This forms a tooth, holding and fixing my pastel onto the paper. Quite recently I have added beautiful shimmering effects to the top layers of my pastels. Combined with my unusual techniques this has given my work a magical aura."

Kate Smith is a new artist to Manyung Gallery and we are excited to have her work as part of the group exhibition, 'Nature', 8-30 March 2014.

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