September 17, 2013
Bruce Earles Solo Exhibition at Manyung at Sorrento

Within a seaside setting, images of birds, dogs and trees are combined with ships, planes and factories. The simplicity of these images combined with the complexity of structure and graphic interrelationships creates compositions of harmony. The merging of transparent colours with opaque backgrounds and vivid brushstrokes evokes movement yet stability. All these unique combinations suggest a balance between not only man-made and natural elements but also leisure and industry. While these paintings are resolved they are presented as suggestions rather than descriptions. There are no conclusions within these works.

Dr Bruce Earles' new body of work focuses on the natural landscapes taking over from the urban. The interlocking forms within these compositions represent harmony between nature and the urban world and what we each seek in life.
Bruce’s naïve and recognisable painting style was defined in the early 1980s as a highly influential member of Melbourne’s ‘ROAR’ collective, where he worked alongside artists such as David Larwill, Pasquale Giardino and Sarah Faulkner. The ROAR collective set out to have a significant impact on the Australian art scene and works by Bruce Earles and other Roar Studio artists are still highly sought after and collected today.

For over 30 years Bruce has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas. Manyung at Sorrento proudly host this exhibition of Bruce’s new works for 2013.

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  • Bruce Earles - Big Fun Manyung at Sorrento 21 September - 3 October then
    Manyung at Glenferrie 4 October - 19 October
    September 21, 2013 - October 3, 2013

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