July 25, 2018
Darren Doye: Redefining Urban & Ralf Kempken: Shadow Play

Manyung Gallery Malvern is pleased to present the works of Darren Doye and Ralf Kempken. Although quite different in aesthetic, both of these contemporary artists are concerned with the impact of Urban identity and how it effects the way we live – they both carefully observe how a city is used and ponder what historical legacy is being left behind.

In Ralf Kempken’s case, he is looking at the way people filer all we see (in this case street scenes) through past experience and memories. His process of superimposing recent and vintage 1950s photos of streets blurring the lines of what is really there and what has been historically. His process of cutting and spraying multiple stencil layers fuses old images with new artistic techniques. Each street scene looks like a snapshot in time, whether it is 1958 or 2018 there are still people, shops, architecture, light and the play of shadows.

In the case of Darren Doye, he too is using a fusion of surreal stylings combined with ancient printing techniques. Darren references the juxtaposition of old and new architectural styles that reoccur in the constantly evolving urban landscape. He placards Kombi vans, Caravans and Trams, which are Melbourne cultural icons, and then places them within idyllic surrounds; often up trees or on a beach highlighting the incongruous ideal of striving to replicate city life in a rural setting through the onset of Urban sprawl.

Both of these artists are looking at how, when a city continues to grow and evolve, the choices of what characteristics define newer parts of the city become imperative. If we value narratives and choices of the past, any rash decisions regarding future aesthetics may lead to the loss of past values.

Opening Saturday 28th July, 12-2pm T: 9787 2953 all sites E: staff@manyunggallery.com.au

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