March 23, 2017
Demolition at Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza’s old site at 1408 Nepean Hwy, Mt Eliza.


Manyung Gallery management and staff join the many people who have expressed regret at the pending demolition of the old gallery site at 1408 Nepean Highway, Mount Eliza.

Manyung gave notice in February 2016 of its intention not to renew its lease there. As publicized at the time this was due to rising occupancy costs, the high level of maintenance required as well as other factors, including very poor relations with the co-tenants.

Manyung would have preferred to see the old building renovated with all asbestos removed, a new tenant with a viable business opportunity take on the lease and the old turret, drawbridge and roadside projection, remain unaltered. Sadly, this will not be the case and we respect the property owners right to progress as they see fit and are authorised to do so.

The Manyung brand lives on, in Mount Eliza at 60 Mount Eliza Way, at 6-10 Claremont Avenue, Malvern and at 113 and 119 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento.

David and Sharyn Wemyss-Smith
Owners of Manyung Gallery Group

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