October 11, 2016
David Hinchliffe Solo exhibition at Malvern

Please join us for the much anticipated solo exhibition by David Hinchliffe on Thursday 13 October, 6 - 8pm. Engage with the artist over drinks and listen to the soothing sounds of Melbourne celloist, Gemma Tomlinson.

Admire how the artist captures light and movement and encapsulates the full scale of life within an urban setting in what is, contemporary painting perfection. View over 20 new paintings through two gallery spaces.

I respond to light and shadow in the world around me. I don't think artists change the world but they can change the way we look at the world. I hope after seeing my work people are able to view the world they live in a slightly different way and perhaps take it less granted." - D. Hinchliffe, 2016.

Exhibition opening Thursday 13th of October 6 - 8pm

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