Summertime by Rick Matear

Manyung at Sorrento

25 January - 6 February, 2014

Rick Matear and Belynda Henry
Please join us for the launch of
an annual exhibition of works by well known Portsea artist, Rick Matear

The exhibition will commence at 5.30 for 6pm on Saturday 25th January, and be launched by Sal Cooper, a fellow artist-in-residence, Abbotsford Convent, and a contemporary of Rick’s.

In this new body of work, Rick explores the impact of the seaside grasses and dune vegetation on the local beachscapes. He captures moments of both seeking and enjoying solitude during instances of contemplative ambles along quiet beaches while in awe of languid Port Phillip Bay.

Exhibition will continue until Friday 7th February

For purchase enquiries please contact David, 0412 77 0055

Mount Martha Three Bathing Boxes Mount Martha Three Bathing Boxes
acrylic on linen
83 x 107 cm
Reflection Quarantine Portsea Reflection Quarantine Portsea
acrylic on linen
92 x 103 cm
Early Morning Grasses Shelly Beach Early Morning Grasses Shelly Beach
acrylic on linen
90 x 130 cm
Grasses_ Shadows And Sea_ Shelly Beach Grasses, Shadows And Sea, Shelly Beach
acrylic on linen
36 x 52 cm
Shelly Beach Late Afternoon Shelly Beach Late Afternoon
oil on linen
92 x 183 cm