Jennyfer Stratman
'Celestial Forms'

Manyung Gallery Sculpture

25 January - 15 February, 2020

Jennyfer Stratman

"I am continually inspired and fascinated by observing the patterns and connection of humanity,
nature and the cosmos. These unifying principles are present everywhere"

- Jennyfer Stratman

Manyung Gallery is excited to present a stunning new collection of Bronze sculptures from Jennyfer Stratman.

Jennyfer's new exhibition continues her experimentation in splashed and formed molten bronze.
The random shapes resulting from this technique are reminiscent of the process by which stars and planets evolve.

Jennyfer Stratman Artist Growing Together in an Ethereal Garden 4
bronze, steel, pigment, enamel
69 x 50 x 10 cm
Jennyfer Stratman Artist Growing in the Ethereal Forest
bronze, steel, pigment, enamel
155 x 55 x 15 cm
Jennyfer Stratman Artist I'm a Wild Seed 2
bronze, steel, pigment, enamel
77 x 20 x 20 cm
Jennyfer Stratman Artist Our Ethereal Garden
bronze, steel, pigment, enamel
175 x 30 x 30 cm
Jennyfer Stratman Artist Cultivating the Stars
bronze, steel, stainless steel, enamel
87 x 51 x 51 cm