Guy Detot & Terrence Hadler
'Inspired by the Outback'

Manyung Gallery Sculpture

12 October - 30 October, 2019

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_Reds _ Tans_ Out

Iconic Mornington Peninsula artist Terrence Hadler and French-born South Australian sculptor Guy Detot come together to present their newest body of works inspired by the Australian Outback. 

Terry Hadler's vibrant works of the diverse Asutralian landscape are greatly inspired by the ethos of "I Love A Sunburnt Country", and pay homage to our land's resilient beauty. His vivacious use of red & orange earth tones and cool blues & greens give the impression that the "heart of the country" has somehow infused the pigment of his paintbrush.

Guy Detot has loved wood since he was a child, and combined with his love of dancing, he creates wooden sculptures with a strong human element that ooze movement and lyricism. Born in Paris, Guy arrived in Penola, South Australia in 1991 and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the large redgum trees surrounding the area, which he now uses for his works, as well as other beautiful woods including blackwood and casuarina.

Please join us out our Flinders Sculpture Gallery to enjoy and celebrate these two new fantastic bodies of works.



Little Homestead on Dimantina Terrence J Hadler
Little Homestead on Dimantina
oil on linen
76 x 102 cm
Floods on Castleray Terrence J Hadler
Floods on Castleray
oil on linen
76 x 102 cm
Bend on the Warrego Terrence J Hadler
Bend on the Warrego
oil on canvas
91 x 122 cm
The Men Who Steady the Lead Terrence J Hadler
The Men Who Steady the Lead
oil on canvas
76 x 102 cm
On the Murray at Boundary Bend Terrence J Hadler
On the Murray at Boundary Bend
oil on canvas
76 x 102 cm
In the Blue Gum Forest Terrence J Hadler
In the Blue Gum Forest
oil on canvas
91 x 122 cm
In the Strathbogie Ranges Terrence J Hadler
In the Strathbogie Ranges
oil on canvas
76 x 102 cm
Le Phoque (The Seal) Guy Detot
Le Phoque (The Seal)
Fiddleback Red Gum
32 x 28 x 13 cm
Extaseze (Ecstasy) Guy Detot
Extaseze (Ecstasy)
Fiddleback Red Gum
120 x 38 x 66 cm
Male Torso Guy Detot
Male Torso
ancient walnut
60 x 44 x 22 cm
Shadows Guy Detot
bronze & purple mulga
60 x 15 x 8 cm
Kelly Guy Detot
redgum and granite
66 x 22 x 15 cm
Guy De Tot sculptor Guy Detot
The Acrobat
purple mulga & redgum
150 x 13 x 18 cm
Dressed for the Ball Guy Detot
Dressed for the Ball
51 x 16 x 18 cm
Figurehead Guy Detot
55 x 7 x 13 cm
On the Post Guy Detot
On the Post
200yo Red Gum
164 x 17 x 12 cm
Lui et Elle (Him _ Her) Guy Detot
Lui et Elle (Him & Her)
rare sheoak fiddleback
64 x 25 x 19 cm
Stretching and Straining Guy Detot
Stretching and Straining
130 x 19 x 16 cm
C_est La Vie Guy Detot
C'est La Vie
olive wood
38 x 19 x 10 cm
La Venus du le Jardin Guy Detot
La Venus du le Jardin
penola red gum on coreten base
83 x 26 x 25 cm
Automne Guy Detot
90 x 20 x 21 cm