Mal Chambers



Mal is an artist with a passion for creating striking, soulful compositions depicting Australian wildlife.

After arriving in Australia from the UK, Mal fell in love with the wildlife in our beautiful country and is a strong supporter of habitat conservation, which has ultimately served as an inspiration for his works and has helped to start a conversation and raise awareness for this important issue.

Passionate about the traditional side of drawing and painting, Mal has refined his practice significantly over the years and is fascinated by the tension created by combining the realism of the primary subject and the abstraction of the surroundings in his works. A distinguishing feature of his work is the point at which these two styles meet, creating a sense of movement, energy, and disintegration.

Encountering the subjects in real life is an important part of his process, which has seen Mal travel throughout Australia to wild areas, sanctuaries, parks and zoos to get as close as possible to the real thing.

Associated Exhibitions

Nature || Lynne Bickhoff, Mal Chambers & Guy Detot
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
13 April - 22 April, 2019
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