Jenny Coker




Born in New Zealand in 1947 her career as a textile designer was doomed when art classes were closed at college. Life  took her in different directions. 

Although later in life Jenny recaptured her art abilities with passion and dedication.


As a freelance architectural illustrator for over 15 years, Jenny used  spare moments to develop her knowledge of art. She experimented with charcoal, pastel and watercolour in almost every subject. Botanical illustrations were a favourite which blossomed into home and garden vignettes for her clients.


She paints portraits, still life and botanical subjects, staging her own art exhibitions since the late 1990's and participated in several Tauranga Garden and  Artfests. Manyung Galleries is her first representation in Australia.


Encouraged by a friend, she set aside her watercolours briefly to experiment with oils in 2008 choosing to learn the time consuming technique of the early Flemish painters.  She has derived great pleasure creating and building rich, luminous glazes of velvet oil in detailed works of art. Rewarded by the resurgence of interest in classical realism she pays attention to best technical and archival methods. Having not studied formally, she has followed online advice from Gamblin Oils, Danielle Green and Alexei Antonov together with information from the book on oils by Suzanne Booker.


Travelling to Florence for 3 weeks in 2016, she had the pleasure of a weeks tuition with a master oil painter at the Florence Academy of Art.


 Jenny works from her home studio in Tauranga, New Zealand, managing her paint time  separately between watercolor (which she is known for) and oil. Neither one is a favorite.


She admires the works of  Vermeer, Degas, Mary Cassatt, Waterhouse, Andrew Wyeth,  Paul McCormack and botanical artists Susannah Blaxill and Elaine Searle

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