Jess Szigethy-Gyula



I am a central Victorian Sculptor who lives and works overlooking the iconic Hanging Rock. I have come full circle and, after 20 years away, have settled on the property where I grew up. 

I work predominantly in Bronze, inspired by a gestures or the power of a static natural form. I am fascinated by making repetitions (in number, size or differing materials) of sculptural forms and then observing how these interact together and with the space around them. I also like seeing how very slight changes in posture (such as those displayed in my little Magpie Family sculptures) can evoke such different responses in the viewer.

I initially trained as a botanist and travelled throughout Australia, working, bushwalking and generally being extremely excited to discover new places and explore Australia’s natural diversity. The discipline of being a botanist has trained me to be patient and develop a keen eye for detail.

To me, being an artist is all about exploration in a curious, disciplined manner.  My quiet, creative process allows me to reflect and contrasts with the busyness of family, farm and work.

Associated Exhibitions

Manyung Gallery Malvern
9 June - 26 June, 2016
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