Peter Steller


About the Artists:

Peter discovered the beauty of wood in his teenage years, mesmerized by the translucent colours, textures and the lines in the grain as the thin shavings curled from his plane. Peter started wood turning over 20 years ago, however after several years, tired of the restrictive nature of the lathe and its circular forms. Over the years, this self-taught artist’s work gradually changed to the point where he hardly ever uses a lathe and now mostly sculpts free form, using all manner of tools to remove the wood. His unique and exquisite designs from salvaged wood highlights a dedicated patience in perfecting the art of sculpting in timber. As he pushes the limits of what can be done with wood, Peter takes great care, sensitively juggling the balance between the line of the grain and the form of the sculpture. This enables him, through the use of graceful lines to create volume and capture both emotion and movement in each of his sculptures.


Peter says that, it is the wood that ultimately guides his sculptural journey and that it determines the final outcome of his unique sculptures as he reveals the internal beauty within the salvaged wood.


Working as a physiotherapist, Peter developed a unique appreciation of the human form and movement, which he now applies to his contemporary pieces. His sculptures are inspired by the human form and his experiences of swimming, sailing and fishing in the pristine waters of the Whitsunday Islands.


Sculpture is traditionally thought of as only 3D; however, Peter has started to take that a step further by introducing a 4th dimension, Kinetic movement; using the wind and solar in his outdoor sculptures as forms of energy to create movement in his kinetic sculptures. As wood is not conducive to the long term outdoor environment, Peter uses other mediums, such as fiberglass and stainless steel, or has his wood sculptures cast in aluminum or bronze.


Peter has competed for many years in major competitions, winning many prizes for his sculptures, including 2015 Shillam prize, (Sculptors Queensland’s highest honour); four-time RNA Champion Sculpture 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014; Queensland Arts Minister’s Fine Arts Award, and numerous First Prize and People’s Choice Awards.


Peter is a Life Member of Sculptors Qld; been President of Sculptors Qld for three years and remains an active committee member of Sculptors Qld.   Peter has exhibited and organised several joint exhibitions with fellow sculptors including ‘Sculpture for the Senses’ at Waterfront Place; the G20 ‘Expressions in Sculpture’ at the Riverside Centre in Brisbane; each year been involved in the Brisbane Sculpture Festival and has held several joint exhibitions with friend and fellow sculptor Mela Cooke.


Peter’s creations are found in many private collections throughout Australia, USA, England and Europe. 


2014 - People’s Choice winner- Sculptors Queensland Annual Exhibition
2014 - Best Composition Award, Canberra, WABA symposium
2013 - Champion Sculptor, Brisbane Royal National Association Show
2013 - Second Prize Sculpture, Brisbane Royal National Association Show
2013 - Winner of the Sculptors Qld. Perides Fine Art Outdoor Sculpture Award
2013 - President Sculptors Queensland
2012 - Second Prize Sculpture, Brisbane Royal National Association Show
2012 - ‘Peoples Choice’ winner- Sculptors Queensland Annual Exhibition
2012 - President Sculptors Queensland
2011 - Champion Sculptor, Brisbane Royal National Association Show
2011 - Highly Commended, Sculptors Queensland Annual Exhibition
2011 - First Prize Sculpture, Live Life Village Competition
2010 - First Prize Sculpture, Redfest Show
2010 - Champion Sculptor, Brisbane Royal National Association Show
2008 - 2010 - Wood Turners Society of Queensland Competitions, numerous prizes

Associated Exhibitions

QSeven Sculpture Exhibition
Manyung Gallery Sculpture Flinders
9 November - 28 November, 2019
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