Richard Kulma


About the Artists:

He worked at numerous jobs, travelling throughout Europe, North America and the Pacific while developing his work. The art and culture of his destinations had a profound effect on his passion to become a painter. Venice captured his imagination vividly and has been the source of much work over the years, allowing his to move from the pure reflection of imagery to the surrealistic of its carnival and exotic architecture. He lived for some time in the Western district of Victoria and developed his art to the stage where he turned professional in 1975.

His works are now represented in numerous Corporate and Private collections throughout Australia, USA, UK, continental Europe, SE Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. Clients include: AMP, McDonnell Douglas, Midland Bank, Hughes, Atlas Pacific, Linfox, Marketability, Cadbury Schweppes, Department of Public Prosecutions, (Vic) Orlando, Shell, Morley First National, Telstra, Lanson Corporation, FJ Faulding Pharmaceuticals, Karmann, The Good Guys, and QANTAS.

My influences are diverse, from the renaissance, from the more enigmatic realist and surrealist works of Magritte, Dali, Delveraux, Hockney, Smart and Whyeth etc through the profound imagery of Miro, Kandinsky, Motherwell, Pollock and Rothko (From heavy metal to Opera so to speak).

As an artist I don’t seek any comfort zones in my work. The need to develop, to explore and to be exposed to things that inspire is paramount. To be brave enough to leave behind old ground and remain creative and passionate is the need.


Born in New Zealand 1959. Son of noted European/New Zealand artist Kazimir (Jack) Kulma.
Studied art under his father’s guidance, however is mainly self-taught.
Migrated to Australia in 1969 to establish a career for himself.


Solo Exhibitions1996-97 - Melaleuca Gallery
1990-91 - Libby Edwards Gallery
1985-87 - Originals Gallery
1983-84 - Halmagg Gallery
1977 - Hobson’s Gallery Queenscliff
1976 - Balmoral Galleries


"I feel compelled to paint – for me it is what I am. Perhaps being around art throughout my formative years instilled in me the need to express my creative desire through this medium. I feel driven, and when particularly inspired I am passionate, even obsessive about my work or its promise. It can be a heady mixture of fulfilment or creative despair. Creating an image on a blank canvas or sheet of paper from the images that have lingered in my mind, frustrated or even eluded me is the challenge I feel most passionate about."

Associated Exhibitions

Springtime | Flinders
Manyung Gallery Flinders
1 September - 31 October, 2018
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September in Sorrento
Manyung Gallery Sorrento
1 September - 30 September, 2018
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Land, Sea and Sky
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
8 July - 22 July, 2017
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Deserts, Plains and Forests
Manyung Gallery Sorrento
2 April - 4 May, 2015
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Year Of The Horse
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
4 October - 26 October, 2014
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