Jo-Ann Hunt

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Jo-Ann  Hunt Pockets Full Of Sand
Pockets Full Of Sand
acrylic on canvas
122 x 140 cm
Jo-Ann  Hunt A Coastal Connection
A Coastal Connection
acrylic on canvas
122 x 92 cm
Jo-Ann  Hunt A Sailing Summer
A Sailing Summer
acrylic on canvas
132 x 132 cm
Jo-Ann  Hunt Jo-Ann Hunt Artist
A Simple Summer
acrylic on canvas
122 x 137 cm
Jo-Ann  Hunt Backbeach Boys
Backbeach Boys
acrylic on canvas
122 x 92 cm
Jo-Ann  Hunt Beach Hair and Bare Feet
Beach Hair and Bare Feet
acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm
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Jo-Ann  Hunt

Jo-Ann Hunt

Jo-Ann Hunt Description

Jo-Ann began her working life as an Art Teacher, but quickly realised her own creative voice needed expression and would not be stifled. Her free-wheeling journey began as Fashion Designer with iconic fashion label “The House of Merivale and Mr John”. From there it was a small leap into the costume departments of the Australian Opera Company in Sydney and The Melbourne Theatre Company. The next move slowed her pace for some 9 years, established as Head Designer with Coats Patons with her designs, colours and books sold in Australia and internationally. Moving to Thailand in 1995 with her young family gave her the impetus to return to her love of illustration and art, with commissions for magazines in Bangkok and Australia, and a range of prints for the interior design market. But it was the seemingly innocuous decision in 2001 to enter two local Art Shows, where she took out three prizes, this was the catalyst for her to confidently pursue her obsession full-time. An obsession with creating the painted image that still enslaves her today.

Jo-Ann Hunt Statement

People often tell me that my paintings “make them feel good”. I think that is because I can only paint that which makes me feel good, that which gives me pleasure. When I’m painting, I’m in my “Happy Place!” And I think it is this shared response to a happy memory that connects. I want people to enjoy living with my art as I believe art should be felt, as well as viewed!

Jo-Ann Hunt Resumé

Higher Diploma of Education - Secondary Arts and Crafts (4 years)
- Majoring in Fashion (Design /Construction
- Graduated with Honours - Fashion Design, Study of Art
- Secondary Teacher Registration
- Technical/ Tertiary Teacher Registration

- Painting the Nude from Life with Prudence Flint
- Drawing the Nude with Linda Robertson
- Pastel Portraiture with Janet Hayes
- Watercolours with Khun Charlee Sodprasert

Selected Exhibitions and Awards
2010-04 - Art Melbourne
2010-03 - Suburban 312 Gallery Brighton
2010, 2008-04 - Art Sydney
2010 & 09 - Pink Ladies Art Exhibition, Brighton
2010-01 - St Kevins Art Show
2010-08 & 2004 - Strathcona Art Show
2007 - Art Brisbane
2004 - Strathcona Art Show Highly Commended,awarded by Paul Fitzgerald AO
2004 - Xavier College Contemporary Art Exhibition
2004 - Harmony Artworks Exhibition Highly Commended
2004 - Ivanhoe GGS Art Exhibition Highly Commended
2001 - Roberts McCubbin Art Exhibition Featured Artist
2001 - Chelsea Art Show Best Pastel and Honourable mention, pastel
2001 - St Kevins College Art Show Highly Commended, awarded by Jon Dwyer, Director of Christies Fine Art

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