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Fred  Colla Abstraction Southbank
Abstraction Southbank
acrylic on canvas
90 x 140 cm
Fred  Colla Abstraction Southbank Theme - Glow
Abstraction Southbank Theme - Glow
acrylic on canvas
95 x 140 cm
Fred  Colla Fred Colla artist
Abstraction Urban Haze
acrylic on canvas
84 x 137 cm
Fred  Colla Approach To The Promontory
Approach To The Promontory
acrylic on canvas
120 x 165 cm
Fred  Colla Arts Precinct with Gogo Club
Arts Precinct with Gogo Club
acrylic on canvas
150 x 170 cm
Fred  Colla Caravan To India
Caravan To India
mixed media on paper
43 x 97 cm
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Fred  Colla

Fred Colla

Fred Colla Statement

Over the past 10-12 years my interests in painting, rather than converging or narrowing, have branched out into more or less three areas of interest. I put this down to a healthy unwillingness to confine or define myself and a love of the creative process.

Formative years were spent in the inner city of Melbourne adjacent to an industrial estate. The dramatic flat walls, geometric shapes and outlines, rusted shapes and structures left a lasting impression on me.

Lush pastoral vistas, though attractive, do not hold my interest like the images of industry and the risky endeavours of human commerce. With a potent assortment of symbols - skyscrapers, bridges, cranes, cargo ships, etc. there is lots of material to work with.

The modern metropolis enveloped in a haze of storm, rain or fog seen from a distance is the subject of my series of Metropolitan Maritime paintings. Witnessing the chromatic marvels of sunrise and sunsets when sketching around Melbourne's Docklands convinced me that colour could have sufficient content for paintings. This led me to the more abstract works which refer only in passing, so to speak, to buildings and shipping. They celebrate the force of colour, atmospheric effect of light across distance and the painterly gesture.

I have always loved the "play" possible with paper, acrylic paints, mount board, cut-outs from magazines, found objects like museum tickets, etc. This random jumble can be formed into an assembled arrangement with great freedom to cut, tear and re-arrange into unpredictable combinations. With artist's acrylic paint it is possible to glue, paint and glaze components of the work simultaneously.

Very pronounced surfaces can be safely "constructed" with many layers of paint, paper and other objects. The iridescence possible using metallic pigments mixed with conventional pigments and "puddled" into the lower lying grooves and valleys of the surface is a further source of surprise and delight I have when making these works.

Fred Colla Resumé

Solo Exhibitions:
2001 - Moor Street Gallery, Fitzroy
2000 - Arts Access Gallery, Southbank
1999 - Essoign Club, Melbourne
1999 - Arts Access Gallery, Southbank
1994 - A.R.T. Gallery, Melbourne
1993 - A.R.T. Gallery, Melbourne
1992 - Focal Point Gallery “New Paintings”, Melbourne
1990 - Corporate Art Connections “Mythical Voyages”, Windsor
1989 - Sweet Jamaique Gallery, Richmond
1986 - Zanders Bond Gallery “Trojan Horse Series”, Richmond
1984 - Gryphon Gallery “Figures In Motion”, Carlton
1984 - Great Space, Collins Place, Melbourne
1978 - Gallery 333, Balwyn

Group Exhibitions:
2012 - Ecliptic Gallery, Armadale
2012 - Alphington Art Show, Alphington
2012 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2011 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2011 - Manyung at Glenferrie Gallery, Malvern
2010 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2009 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2008 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2007 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2006 - Melbourne Affordable Art Show, Carlton
2006 - Sydney Affordable Art Show, Melbourne
2006 - Brisbane Affordable Art Show, Melbourne
2005 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2004 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2004 - Melbourne Affordable Art Show, Carlton
2003 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2002 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2001 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2000 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
1999 - Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
1998 - Band Hall Gallery, Kyneton
1997 - Band Hall Gallery, Kyneton
1995 - Disegno Gallery, Southbank
1994 - Wattletree Gallery, Armadale
1992 - A.R.T Gallery, Melbourne
1985 - Profile Gallery, South Melbourne
1984 - Young Originals, South Yarra
1983 - Christine Abrahams Gallery, Richmond
1983 - Robert – Douglas Gallery, Camberwell
1983 - Galleria Pozzan Vicenza, two person show with K. Cox, Italy
1982 - McCormack Street Gallery, Port Melbourne
1977 - Gallery 333, Balwyn

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