Lizzie Alsop

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Lizzie  Alsop Monochrome Play
Monochrome Play
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
122 x 122 cm
Lizzie  Alsop Lollipop Jungle
Lollipop Jungle
mixed media on canvas
122 x 122 cm
Lizzie  Alsop Pop Jungle (1 _ 2)
Pop Jungle (1 & 2)
acrylic on canvas
105 x 105 cm

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Lizzie  Alsop

Lizzie Alsop

Lizzie Alsop Description

Lizzie is a visual artist from the Mornington Peninsula. She has been practicing as an artist for over twenty years. She creates bold, abstract expressionist paintings using acrylic, pastels and ink. Lizzie is inspired by her surroundings and her fascination of colours and shapes and their relationships to one another. Her artwork consists of repeated patterns and various mark making techniques with many layers of broad strokes contrasting with tiny details etched or marked in with inks or pastel.  

She creates artwork because it gives her a sense of freedom and happiness. She loves to get lost within a painting.  She hopes that people that look at her work can as well gain a sense of space and freedom discovering something new each time they look at it.

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