Salleigh Olsen

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Salleigh  Olsen Daydreams
Acrylic and shellac on wood
90 x 90 cm

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Salleigh  Olsen

Salleigh Olsen

Salleigh Olsen Biography

Salleigh Olsen's works are a contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Each collection of works takes you on a journey that creativley portrays society, whether it be subtle statements using typography and bold expressive lines of energy and drama or soft moody sophisticated palettes of abstraction.

Her female subjects are portrayed for their beauty and strength epitomising  the female in her natural element, evoking the confidence, sexuality and coyness of the individual.  Her use of mixed media and strong fluid lines enhances the form and displays the female in an uncomprimising, mysterious, yet alluring way.

Having sell out solo shows in the past her works have been well recieved for originality and diversity.

Salleigh Olsen Resumé


2015 Exhibitions 
Private Commissions 
Commercial Commissions 
Westpac Building - Office art fit out commission 
Luke Mangan – Mojo Bar and Restaurant Art fitout
Loco Project Art Gallery 
Art Pharmacy 
Art 2 Muse/Double Bay - Girls Beach

2014 Exhibitions 
Carousel - Art Mural for Shopfront 
Casoni - Art Mural for internal restaurant bar 
Casoni - Commissioned Table design 
Art 2 Muse - The Faces of You 2

2013 Exhibitions 
Salerno Gallery Glebe/ The Faces of You Girls – Solo 
Art 2 Muse Gallery Double Bay, / Girls & Scooters

2012 Exhibitions 
Fox Hole Sydney CBD, /Solo 
Art2Muse Gallery Double Bay, / Girls & Skateboards 
Art2Muse Gallery Double Bay, / Girls & Bikes

2011 Exhibitions 
Blank Space Gallery Surry Hills, / Your Story - Solo 
Kaleidoscope Gallery Paddington, / The Girls from Sireneze- Solo

2010 Exhibitions 
Kaleidoscope Gallery Paddington, / Pathways to Momentum – Solo

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