Jock Young

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Jock  Young jock young artist
Boatsheds Port Phillip
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Boat Shed and Sunlight
Boat Shed and Sunlight
oil on canvas
75 x 90 cm
Jock  Young jock young artist
Boatsheds Portsea II
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Boatsheds and Reflection
Boatsheds and Reflection
oil on panel
75 x 90 cm
Jock  Young jock young artist
Boatsheds and Reflection I
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Boatsheds and Reflection II
Boatsheds and Reflection II
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Cape Schanck Lighthouse
Cape Schanck Lighthouse
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Cliff Face In Sunlight
Cliff Face In Sunlight
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Shed with Orange Roof
Shed with Orange Roof
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Small Shed with Life Buoy
Small Shed with Life Buoy
oil on panel
25 x 30 cm
Jock  Young Anne_s Chalet
Anne's Chalet
30 x 30 cm
Jock  Young Boy In A Boat
Boy In A Boat
30 x 30 cm
Jock  Young Farmhouse At Night
Farmhouse At Night
Jock  Young Garden Shed And Washing
Garden Shed And Washing
30 x 30 cm
Jock  Young Red Chair - Anne_s Chalet
Red Chair - Anne's Chalet
Jock  Young The White Shed
The White Shed
Jock  Young Boatsheds
oil on canvas
140 x 150 cm
Jock  Young Jock Young Artist
Boatsheds Portsea I
oil on panel
45 x 40 cm
Jock  Young Lighthouse Cape Schanck
Lighthouse Cape Schanck
25 x 30 cm
Jock  Young Sailing I
Sailing I
oil on panel
40 x 45 cm
Jock  Young Sailing II
Sailing II
oil on panel
45 x 40 cm
Jock  Young Shed with Red Roof
Shed with Red Roof
oil on linen on board
50 x 60 cm

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Jock  Young

Jock Young

Jock Young Description

Jock Young is a landscape painter whose main interest is the sea, or more accurately, the interface between the sea and land. His paintings focus is on the dynamic between the movement of the sea and the stillness of the land, and in which he tries to capture a kind of personality of the location. But in the end it is all about the light, which is a distinctive quality of the Tasmanian landscape.
Young prefers painting plein air, and because of this, travels widely here and elsewhere. He has completed residencies in France, and on mainland Australia. He has had over twenty solo shows and is represented in a number of public and private collections.

Jock Young Resumé

1975-82 - Painting and drawing Sydney University, East Sydney and Seaforth Technical Colleges
2004 - Workshops with Elisabeth Cummings, Wendy Sharpe, Emma Walker, Idris Murphy and  Ross Laurie

Solo Exhibitions
2015 - Interiors and landscapes, Handmark Gallery, Evandale
2014 - Interiors, Colville Gallery
2013 - Paris drawings and paintings, Colville Gallery
2012 - 42 Degrees South, NG Gallery, Sydney
2011 - Coast, Colville Gallery; French Landscapes, Colville Gallery Hobart
2006–2009 - Colville Gallery, Hobart
2005 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2003 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
2001 - Bett Gallery, Hobart
2000 - Handmark Gallery, Hobart
1999 - Bett Gallery, Hobart
1998 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
1996 - Bett Gallery, Hobart
1995 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
1994 - Bett Gallery, Hobart, Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery, Launceston
1993 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney
1992 - Freeman Gallery, Hobart
1991 - Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Freeman Gallery, Hobart
1989 - Freeman Gallery, Hobart
1987 - Handmark Gallery, Hobart
1986 - Handmark Gallery, Hobart

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 - Finalist, Glover Prize
2014 - Finalist, Glover Prize
2014 - Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival
2013 - Finalist, Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Hobart
2009 - “marcher sur les pelouses” Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS, Hobart
2008 - Art Melbourne 08, Melbourne
2007 - Art Melbourne 07, Melbourne
2006 -  Tattersall's Invitation Landscape Art Award, Brisbane, en plien air, Huon Art Group Winner; Art on the Rocks, Sydney
2005 - Art on the Rocks, Sydney Visitor Centre; Only Drawing, Robin Gibson Gallery , Sydney
2005 - Artaid, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; Tattersall's Invitation Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane
2004 - Interpreting 2004, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery; Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize
2001 - Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize
1999 - Summer Show, Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
1994 - Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne, Trust Bank Invitation Art Award , Figure/Ground exhibition , Bett Gallery, Hobart, Artists on the beach Robin Gibson Gallery
1993 - To the surface Plimsoll Gallery, Uni Tas, New watercolour painting Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart; Finalist, City of Hobart Art Prize exhibition; International Print Fair, Sydney , NSW
1992 - Salon des Refusés, S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney; Finalist, City of Hobart Art Prize exhibition
1991 - Common Ground, Hobart Town Hall, Hobart, International Print Fair, Sydney Australian
Printmakers, Australian painters, Editions Southbank, Melb.,Vic., Finalist, City of Hobart Art Prize exhibition
1989 - Finalist, City of Hobart Art Prize exhibition
1987 - Finalist, Wynne Prize competition, Art Gallery of New South Wales

Commissions and Awards               
2006 - en plien air, Huon Art Group Winner
2000 - Runner up, Tattersall National Landscape art prize
1999 - Arts Tasmania (Art in public buildings)
1994 - Arts Tasmania (Art in public buildings)
1993 - Winner, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 125th Anniversary Art Prize, Sydney
Set of eight oil paintings commissioned for Tasmania 's Bass Strait ferry "Spirit of Tasmania"
1992 - Set of eight oil paintings commissioned by the Trust Bank, Tasmania
1991 - Set of linocut prints commissioned by TAAB for Common Ground , a joint project with the British Arts Council

ABC, Hobart
Art in public buildings program ( Tasmania ) 1994, 1999
Australian National Gallery
Bundanon Trust
CSIRO Marine Laboratories
Hobart City Council
Huon Valley Council
National Australia Bank Collection
Reserve Bank of Tasmania
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Sydney
Spirit of Tasmania
Trust Bank Tasmania
University of Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston
Private collections Australia, USA and UK

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