Paul McIntyre

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Paul  McIntyre Coastal Village
Coastal Village
mixed media on canvas (framed)
76 x 76 cm
Paul  McIntyre Bay Dream
Bay Dream
mixed media on canvas
123 x 100 cm
Paul  McIntyre Journey to the Peak
Journey to the Peak
mixed media on canvas
93 x 93 cm
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Paul  McIntyre

Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre Biography

Paul McIntyre studied design and advertising at RMIT.

For ten years he worked as a sculptor using wire, steel and timber. In 2011, Paul decided to extend his artistic mediums and pursue his career in painting. Since then, he has had select group shows in and around Melbourne with Manyung Gallery, who are also the first commercial gallery to represent his works.

Paul’s paintings offer the viewer an escape from reality; he is inspired by the patterns and chaos of the natural world and takes inspiration in the freedom of his children’s drawings which are not constrained to rules and conformity.  Often his pieces depict a person wandering through a dreamlike landscape, and as such his artworks take the viewer on a journey through an imagined world to find hidden figurative elements and personal meaning.

Paul paints from his home studio in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Paul McIntyre Resumé

Recent Exhibitions:

2015 - Group Exhibition, Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
2015 - Group Exhibition, Oak Hill Gallery
2014 - Solo Exhibition, Frankston Art Centre 

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