Stacey Mrmacovski

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Stacey  Mrmacovski Just Passing By III
Just Passing By III
oil on canvas
56 x 56 cm
Stacey  Mrmacovski Place of Presence VII
Place of Presence VII
oil on board (framed)
32 x 32 cm
Stacey  Mrmacovski Just Passing By
Just Passing By II
oil on board (framed)
22 x 27 cm
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Stacey  Mrmacovski

Stacey Mrmacovski

Stacey Mrmacovski Description

Stacey Mrmacovski is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne. With over 20 years of painting experience across various mediums and techniques, Stacey has developed her own unique style and art philosophy. She has exhibited in gallery shows across Melbourne and Singapore and has worked closely with interior designers and architects on custom artworks for private and commercial collections.

Stacey Mrmacovski Statement

In her latest body of work, Stacey Mrmacovski brings together a series of paintings which are an exploration in finding a sense of place amongst her experience of the landscape. Inspired by the unkept and untamed, the peaceful and serene, with each stroke of paint there is a solace to be discovered, a memory, a moment. 


"When interpreting the landscapes that surround me through my work, I like to cancel out the unnecessary noise and look at the beauty in its raw form, contrast and texture - all elements which I like to highlight in my paintings and that bring me a moment of solace, a sense of place and somewhere to escape to that is familiar, yet also unknown, much like life itself." 

Stacey Mrmacovski Resumé

Group Shows:

2014: Camberwell Artshow

2015: Manyung Gallery Group Exhibition

2016: CAMART Contemporary Art Show

2016: Affordable Art Fair, Singapore represented by Manyung Gallery & Group Show

2017: Manyung Gallery Group Exhibition

2018: 'We Shall Not All Sleep' No Vacancy Gallery


Solo Shows:

March 2019: 'Pare Down To The Essence' Brunswick Street Gallery


A1 Office, Melbourne, Australia

Comdain, Melbourne, Australia

Jellis Craig, Melbourne, Australia

Actron Air, Sydney, Australia

Kokoda Property, Melbourne, Australia

MOIRA, Melbourne, Australia 

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