Charles Wilcox

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Charles  Wilcox Ocean
Driftwood, oyster shells & reclaimed iron
150 x 150 cm
Charles  Wilcox
Chasing Seahorses
acrylic on corrugated Iron
145 x 145 cm
Charles  Wilcox Waiting for Contact
Waiting for Contact
Reclaimed materials with light
0 x 0 cm
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Charles  Wilcox

Charles Wilcox

Charles Wilcox Statement

Inner Urban and Iconic Exhibition
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, August 2015

"Inspired by early James Bond films, these artworks have been created from recycled street posters, that have had layers stripped back to reveal the different typography and images.

The texture from the old posters, the monochromatic colours and style of these girls reflect the classic poster art of the 1960's.

The painted ex-Army jerry cans were inspired by the colourful graphics on World War II Air force planes."

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