Lew Brennan

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Lew  Brennan The Aware 3
The Aware 3
Giclee Unframed
86 x 111 cm
Lew  Brennan Lew Brennan Artist
Helen and Pappy
Limited Edition Print
50 x 40 cm
Lew  Brennan Wild Horse
Wild Horse
Limited Edition Print
59 x 69 cm
Lew  Brennan Lew Brennan artist
Winners Circle 2
Giclee Unframed
116 x 91 cm
Lew  Brennan Big Boy 1
Big Boy 1
59 x 69 cm
Lew  Brennan Big Boy 2
Big Boy 2
Giclee Unframed
76 x 100 cm
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Lew  Brennan

Lew Brennan

Lew Brennan Description

Lew Brennan was born an artist. Painting and drawing from the day he could hold a pencil and selling art by the time he was a teenager. His passion for realism predates the American Super Realist genre, a school that captured his attention at a time when Australia was fixated on abstraction and representational styles. He has been committed to his own form of realism in his art throughout his career.


Describing his art as Surruralism, Brennan has been represented by numerous galleries throughout his career and has won a number of prizes for his work despite his reluctance to enter, considering “art as not a competition but rather a passion.”


His home and studio are in Cooran, a small country town in Queensland where he has raised a family, farmed cattle and bred and trained Quarter Horses. The rural setting and a lifetime of working with horses create a unique synergy that is manifested in his artworks, representing the beauty, form and majesty of the horse. Brennan searches for the heart of a culture that grew out of struggle and hardship that is all too often romanticised and popularised for the sake of commercial acceptance. His art is not restricted to equestrian studies however but also includes portraits, landscapes as well as urban and rural street scenes.  His works feature an extraordinary blend of detail, anatomy, movement and - above all -character and personality. His adept use of negative space creates both energy and calm and provide the platform for an extraordinary transfer of emotion.  His work is concentrated in charcoal and in oils and is in the possession of collectors internationally”


S U R R U R A L I S M |

sur.rural.ism: “The place where realism, rural and surreal crash into each other, with varying degrees of the resultant blend. Surruralism is my ongoing search for the heart of rural life. It is about getting to the absolute core of real life and place, represented in such a way that the emotional triggers are captured on the canvas or paper.”


Lew Brennan Resumé

Recent exhibitions include …

2014 - Artspace 101 Gallery Mooloolaba Qld.

2015 - Noosa Marina Pop Up Exhibition QLD 

2016 - Manyung Gallery VIC. ‘Equestrian Exhibition’

2017 - Manyung Gallery VIC. ‘Equine and Canine’ Exhibition

2017 - World Polo Championships Sydney Art Exhibition NSW. 

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