Meredith Earls

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Meredith  Earls Meredith Earles
Fractured Landscape #2
Collage and acrylic on watercolour paper
56 x 76 cm
Meredith  Earls Fractured Landscape
Fractured Landscape
Collage and acrylic on watercolour paper
56 x 76 cm
Meredith  Earls Fractured Landscape 3
Fractured Landscape 3
Collage and acrylic on watercolour paper
76 x 56 cm

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Meredith  Earls

Meredith Earls

Meredith Earls Biography


Bachelor of Design Arts (Graphic Design), Australian Academy of Design, 2007

Figurative Drawing and Painting Studies, Brougham School of Art and Photography, 2004


Matter (solo exhibition), Boom Gallery, Geelong, Vic, 2014

Yen Art Awards, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, NSW, 2014

Ladies First, Brunswick Gallery, Melbourne, Vic, 2011

Curvy Exhibition, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Vic, 2010

Figuratively Speaking, Green-Wood Gallery, Lorne, Vic, 2009

Box, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Vic, 2008

Foto Freo: The Potential of Sp ce

Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, W.A, 2008

Urban Art Goes Costal, Green-Wood Gallery, Lorne, Vic, 2008

Square Peg Round Hole, Per square Metre Gallery, Collingwood, Vic, 2008


New York Art News

Honda Magazine

Monster Children Magazine

Yen Magazine

Curvy Book

Semi Permanent Book


We Are The Image Makers

Oh Really Magazine

Blanket Magazine

Meredith Earls Description

Meredith Earls originally trained as a graphic designer, and after a period of travel and change she has now created a new body of work which explores ideas of spaces – real and imagined, physical, intangible and the space between past and future. She uses a range of painting, mixed media and collage to create these fresh and surreal works.

Meredith has been published in the New York Art News, Yen Magazine, Honda Magazine and many others. Meredith has completed a Bachelor of Design Arts and figurative drawing and painting studies.

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