Frank Miles

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Frank  Miles Dreamtime 2
Dreamtime 2
37 x 80 x 14.5 cm
Frank  Miles Serendipity
46 x 27 x 14 cm
Frank  Miles Ballerina _3
Ballerina #3
51 x 33 x 12 cm
Frank  Miles Ballerina _4
Ballerina #4
51 x 30 x 12 cm
Frank  Miles Ballerina _5
Ballerina #5
52 x 35 x 12 cm
Frank  Miles Dreamtime 1
Dreamtime 1
87 x 55 x 14.5 cm
Frank  Miles Wunshoo
76 x 60 x 15 cm
Frank  Miles The Race
The Race
13 x 30 x 41 cm
Frank  Miles The Race
The Race
13 x 30 x 41 cm
Frank  Miles First Date
First Date
28 x 21 x 6.5 cm
Frank  Miles Full Moon
Full Moon
20 x 17 x 12 cm
Frank  Miles Off The Lip
Off The Lip
47 x 40 x 35 cm
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Frank  Miles

Frank Miles

Frank Miles Biography

Frank Miles was born in 1946 in Zimbabwe and spent his early life as a child of the bushveld.A lifelong intimacy with nature is captured in all his wildlife sculptures and it is that which gives them such a presence in private, public and corporate collections worldwide.

After graduating with a B.Sc (Hons), majoring in Botany and Zoology, Frank travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and America.

Upon his return to Africa and the bushveld he so loved, his artistic talents matured into the creation of superb bronze sculptures of African wildlife and people, Frank made a wide study of various methods of bronze casting and finally formulated the unique process which, combined with his inspired talent, distinguishes his work.

From 1976 to 1979 Frank studied American casting methods and was the first to use the Ceramic Shell, Lost Wax process reproducing bronze artwork in Southern Africa.

From 1980 to 2000 Frank managed his own company creating a non-ferrous Artistic Foundry for the production and completion of bronze sculptures.

His works are produced in limited bronze editions, after which the moulds are destroyed. Frank and his family immigrated to Australia in 2001 and became Australian citizens in January 2004. His move to Australia has resulted in a change of direction with wonderful perceptions of the human form in a social context. Frank has exhibited his bronze sculptures in over 60 solo and group exhibitions and sculpture competitions. Since 1985 he has been commissioned to complete public bronze works internationally. Frank’s bronze sculptures can be found in private collections, boardrooms and Embassies throughout the world.

Frank Miles Description

Frank Miles Statement

My art is the product of 67 years of evolution which happens to be my life span. The journey has not reached its conclusion and nor has the evolutionary process. Art is my life.It is what I do and what I am. It is my method of communicating the beauty I see around me and sharing it with others.

I use bronze as a medium because of its intrinsic beauty, value and the infinite shapes into which it can be transformed. Special places and spaces provide balance, emotion, peace and energy.

We create homes, gardens, entries to buildings, parks, beachside lawns and town squares to fulfil this need. But a different alchemy occurs by adding an exquisite piece of bronze. It imparts our personal “signature” to a place. My works are designed to lift our spirits, please us and communicate deep human emotions.
Each design releases our unique personal feelings as we enjoy it again and again

Frank Miles Resumé

2010 The Clem Jones Group – Bronze Bust of the late Clem Jones

2010 Ballina Shire Council - Lifesize Pelican – Lance Ferris Wharf – Ballina

2013 - 2001 Metcash Multinational Trading Ltd – Royal Supplier Business Awards –Presented each year – Sydney Town Hall - Australia

2009 Roe family – Memorial Bronze for Beryl Carnell Farmer Family Park Currumbin Beach

2008 Ingles Group – Piece Unique

2008 Ramsay Healthcare - Bronze Bust of company CEO.

2006 Gold Coast City Council – Grand Award Winner – “Swell” - Currumbin Qld

2004 Gold Coast City Council – commission - Main Beach - Surfers Paradise - Qld

2004 Gold Coast City Council– collection – Greenmount –Coolangatta –Queensland

1990 J & B Challenge – Game Fishing Trophy

1990 South African Paper & Pulp Industries – Company Awards

1998 Mawenzi Properties – Life-size Cheetah

1989 Laminate Industries - Company Award

1989 Barlow Rand Mining – Service Award

1988 Barlow Rand Mining - Service Award

1988 The Johannesburg Child Welfare Society

1987 Huletts Aluminium - Limited Edition Corporate Award Bronzes

1986 Pietersburg Town Council - Commemorative Bronze

1986 Bruce Fordyce (Marathon champion) – Bronze Sculpture - “The Winner

1985 The Wildlife Society of Southern Africa – Bronze Plaque

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