Ember Fairbairn

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Ember  Fairbairn Ember Fairbairn artist
Defiant Rambling
oil on canvas
120 x 92 cm
Ember  Fairbairn Ember Fairbairn artist
Primordial Beauty In a Civilized Land
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Ember  Fairbairn Ember Fairbairn artist
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
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Ember  Fairbairn

Ember Fairbairn

Ember Fairbairn Description

What is libidinal to each of us and what removes us from it? 
How can female cultural memory be rewoven and transformed? 

Ember is based from her studio in St Andrews, Victoria.

“Creating art for me is a communion with all of potential, it is a meditation where one “loses” self and merges into all that is and all that is yet to be. The process dictates the form. employing colour, mark making, symbol and shape through oil paint, and texture via the encaustic process.

I want to be instructed by the subconscious and by surrendering to what wants to be made, I can be educated from that place",

Ember has exhibited since 2000,  Prior to which she trained in Queensland. She is in private and public collections in Australia and internationally, having exhibited regularly in Melbourne, Sydney , Brisbane and Singapore. She has also exhibited in New York.

Ember Fairbairn Resumé

2017 Manyung gallery (forthcoming)
2015 Scent of Light Platform 72 Sydney
2015 Montsalvat - e long gallery
2013 Supra Sex, Platform, Sydney
2012 We Are is, Platform, Sydney
2011 Burrinja Gallery
Performative work with “Birthing the mother” group 2013-2016 


2013 St Vincents Hospital Sydney Public collection.
2014 - Artist in residence yea arts festival.
2014 - Artist in residence Montsalvat
2016 Allity group for Art duo Corporate commission
2016 Permanent collection on the worlds newest
and largest cruise ship “ Harmony of the seas”
2016 - Art tutor Grampians brushes.
Private collections in Melbourne, Sydney,
Singapore, New York
2010-2014 Various workshops taught at threestories art space as encaustic tutor and oil painting tutor. 

Traffic Jam galleries April
Singapore art fair Nov
Stock room artist Manyung gallery and traffic jam Sydney. 2016 

Singapore art fair Nov
Monica Adams and Ember Fairbairn Manyung Gallery Malvern September
stock room artist Manyung gallery and platform 72
New interiors exhibition Manyung Gallery Malvern November 2015
Affordable art fair Singapore (autumn edition, 2015) 10 NOVEMBER - 15 NOVEMBER, 2015 september group exhibition Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza 3 SEPTEMBER - 27 SEPTEMBER, 2015 affordable art under $2,000 Manyung Gallery Malvern 9 JULY - 2 AUGUST, 2015
Living with nature Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza 30 APRIL - 31 MAY, 2015
Stock room artist Manyung gallery and Platform 72 sydney
Affordable art fair singapore 19 NOVEMBER - 23 NOVEMBER, 2014
The colours of spring Mount Eliza Gallery 6 SEPTEMBER - 28 SEPTEMBER, 2014
Affordable art fair Singapore
Manyung Gallery Group Contemporary Art Australia. 23 MAY - 25 MAY, 2014
Nature a celebration of our natural world 8 MARCH - 30 MARCH, 2014
Stock room artist Manyung gallery and platform 72
Cabin Fever exhibition May platform 72 sydney
Art at Linden Gate september 

Yarra Valley open studios may
Stock room artist platform 72
Affordable art fair Melbourne start programme. July Yarra Valley open studios September 

Agora Gallery, New York . 3 Group shows.
Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney opening exhibition , grand opening of gallery September Yarra Valley open studio exhibition
Warburton Arts Centre exhibition
Yarra Valley open studios
Synergy Gallery, Northcote
Yarra Valley open studio program
2006 Fitzroy Gallery Exhibition, VIC
Synergy Gallery, Northcote, VIC
Fitzroy Gallery Exhibition, VIC
Eltham Library Exhibition, VIC
Women art exhibition, Women of the Blackall Ranges
Beginnings, Coolum, QLD 

Manyung gallery group 2013- present
Traffic Jam galleries - 2017- Present
Platform 72 Sydney- 2011-2016
Kaleidescope Sydney - guest artist 2011
Tony Gill galleries 1996/7 

2002 RAW, Women artists’ diary publication
2013 Australian country life Editorial Feature artist.
2014 Sydney Morning Herald “Spectrum” Magazine, publication date Saturday 10th May 2014
2014 Scoop Homes and Arts Magazine Summer 2013/14Edition, Page 219. 
2015 Artsy Forager.


2018  Masters in Contemporary Art @ Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne 
2017 Graduate certificate in Visual art @ Victorian college of the Arts Melbourne University
2004 units in post graduate course for experiential and creative arts therapy MIECAT (phenomenology, incomplete) 
1995 Cert IV Visual arts Sunshine coast institute of TAFE
1994 MacGregor winter school.
1993 BA Visual arts QCA (incomplete)

1997 - Noosa regional gallery volunteer worker.
1997 - Radio show host and interviewer for Noosa regional radio for community and arts related events. 1999-2000 - Casual gallery assistant main st gallery Montville QLD.
2000 - Costume design and maker for the Alchemy project by Mark Bromelow and Lindsay Pollock.
2001 - Gallery manager Pala Jero gallery blue mountains. 
1999-2001 -  main st gallery Montville, gallery assistant. 

2012 acceptance into start programme for emerging artists
1995 SCIT award for painting
1995 Gold Rush Exhibition printmaking award 

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