Keiko Uno

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Keiko  Uno 128. Fan Of The Sea Ring
128. Fan Of The Sea Ring
sterling silver, rose gold touches featuring australian doublet opal
Keiko  Uno 169. Spirit Of The Sea Necklace
169. Spirit Of The Sea Necklace
black rhodium, yellow gold & more
Keiko  Uno 1015. ‘Spirit of the Sea’ cuff style bangle
1015. ‘Spirit of the Sea’ cuff style bangle
Sterling silver, black rhodium finish and 18kt yellow gold accents featurin
Keiko  Uno 164. Spirit Of The Sea Ring
164. Spirit Of The Sea Ring
black rhodium, 18k yellow gold accents featuring opal
size 7.5
Keiko  Uno 127. Fan Of The Sea Ring
127. Fan Of The Sea Ring
sterling silver with rose gold accents featuring a FW pearl
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Keiko  Uno

Keiko Uno

Keiko Uno Description

Keiko Uno creates inspirational pieces of alluring beauty – jewellery that captivate both the eye and imagination.

Keiko’s art is about capturing and communicating the beauty that surrounds us in exquisite pieces of jewellery. The genesis is always an experience she wants to share, and a predominant focus in her work is to find the magical fusion between contrasting elements such as: lightness and darkness; refined elegance and liberated boldness; and her Japanese and Australian heritage.

Keiko’s solid sterling silver ‘Rockpool’ collection is inspired by her passion for the sea, which, growing up in Western Australia and currently living on the coast in Western Australia, has always been an integral part of her life.

‘To me, the ocean is both an alluring beauty, and a source of rejuvenation and confidence that derives from connecting with one of nature’s great powerhouses’, says Keiko.

Keiko’s innate talent, bestowed on her by her family’s prestigious diamond, pearl and opal emporium, has been honed during her successful twenty-year international career spanning across Tokyo, London, New York and Australia.

Keiko Uno Jewellery is available in Victoria exclusively through Manyung Gallery Group.

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