Stewart Westle

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Stewart  Westle Orange Palms Reflecting
Orange Palms Reflecting
oil on linen
120 x 182 cm
Stewart  Westle Today the Trees Decided to Dance
Today the Trees Decided to Dance
oil on linen
90 x 120 cm
Stewart  Westle Cool Reflections 1
Cool Reflections 1
oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm
Stewart  Westle Cool Reflections 2
Cool Reflections 2
oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm
Stewart  Westle Sunday Sailing
Sunday Sailing
oil on linen
92 x 152 cm
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Stewart  Westle

Stewart Westle

Stewart Westle Description

Stewart Westle was born in Adelaide and completed his education at Trinity Grammar School, Melbourne where he excelled at Printmaking. He then travelled throughout Australia, Asia and Europe and although largely self-taught, he did complete several painting courses on returning to Australia.

His enthusiasm for the Australian landscape and seascape is evident in the colour, freedom of application and raw energy emanating from his paintings.

Stewart Westle Statement

"I was sitting on the waters edge at Mallacoota wondering why my paintings end up so busy. You see, so much painting is reduced to the bones these days and then it occurred to me, life is busy, nature is busy.

There were lizards sunning, ants working, lizards chasing ants, birds resting, birds feeding. Boats motoring, sailing and anchored, and leaves rustling gently in the wind. Men, women and children, fishing and hoping.

All this was what I saw, but what I didn't see, was much more.

It also occurred to me that we all depend on each other like the bird on the insect, the lizard on the ant, the boat on the water and with man presiding over it all.

Perhaps my paintings are a bit similar. The blue line depends on the red circle, which depends on the white dot and so on. When the harmony works and I express my joy for the life in the natural landscape I have created my dream."

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