Daryl Turner

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Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
Flying Not Sailing
oil on canvas
86.5 x 81 cm
Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
Backyard Retreat
oil on canvas
61 x 56 cm
Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
Unwanted Visitor
oil on canvas
66.5 x 71 cm
Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
A Connection
oil on canvas
60 x 60 cm
Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
A Leap of Faith
oil on canvas
91.5 x 91.5 cm
Daryl  Turner Daryl Turner artist
A Secure Spot
oil on canvas
86 x 86 cm
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Daryl  Turner

Daryl Turner

Daryl Turner Biography

1972 Diploma of Art + Design [Honours], Swinburne ? University, Melbourne
1974 Study / work tour throughout Europe
1986 -02 Graphic Designer
Lecturer in painting, Prahran College, Melb

Crown Casino Hotel, Melbourne
Swank, Hong Kong
Smith, Peacock + Henshaw, Melbourne
Private collections in Indonesia, Australia, Singapore +USA

Selected Exhibitions
2010 Aptoz Cruz Galleries, South Australia
2006 Pollock Gallery, Richmond VIC
2005 Pollock Gallery, Richmond VIC
2004 Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC
2003 Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC?
2003 Bark Modern Art, Hong Kong
2002 Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC
2002 ARTEFACT Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Treasury Place, Deputy Premier’s offices / ARTEFACT,Melbourne
2001 Manyung Galleries, Mt. Eliza VIC
1996 Kazari / ARTEFACT, Melbourne
1995 Art Forum / ARTEFACT, Singapore
1995 Quoquo / ARTEFACT, Hong Kong
1995 Victoria House / ARTEFACT, London
1994 Quoquo / ARTEFACT, Hong Kong
1993 ARTEFACT, Melbourne - solo
1973 Avante Gallery, Melbourne - solo
1972 Avante Gallery, Melbourne - solo

Selected Commissions
BASF, Singapore
Smith Peacock + Henshaw, Melbourne

Daryl Turner Statement

The mind is patterns and layers a matrix of possibilities that builds up over a lifetime. This conglomeration we call self, a subjective centre from which we try and make a personal story. These paintings are hinting at that possibility. Crowded assemblages of images, some real some not so real that attempt to draw the viewer further inward into the archetypal world of the unconscious. On a conscious level, you the viewer, can either enjoy the surface images that float on the surface or absorb them finding your own level of meaning. I want you to wander through the streets the dead ends, the levels, the colours and start free associating.

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