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Miertje  Skidmore World of Intrigue
World of Intrigue
solvent based mixed media on canvas
150 x 180 cm
3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 120, Works per page


Miertje  Skidmore

Miertje Skidmore

Miertje Skidmore Biography

1957 Born Western Australia
1964 Moved to South Australia-Adelaide
1967 Moved to Holland for 12 months
1979 Started selling first works in various mediums
1983 Moved to Mid North of South Australia and began painting large landscapes and underwater scenes
1990 Purchased old town hall and opened as my gallery [artist in residence]
1991 Began specializing in portraiture in both realism and abstract styles
1991 Entered the regional art show [won first prize][acquired by the National bank]
2000 Moved to Victor Harbor South Australia and experimented with new styles of work [abstract with mixed mediums]
2006 Closed my retail business to work full time on my art
2006 Entered SALA [Regional exhibition as solo artist]
2009 Entered Waterhouse art prize [Finalist and highly commended]

Miertje Skidmore Description

Miertje Skidmore’s work is widely represented in respected galleries throughout Australia, and is rapidly being sought by collectors within Australia and overseas countries in both corporate and private collections.

Selected Comments

“Miertje’s art has a twofold impact on viewers of her work. First, because of the large scale and use of vibrant colours, the room is filled with energy and movement. Secondly being drawn in to closer inspection the work delights and amazes you with the miniscule detailing of abstract aerated bubbles, and then almost volcanic eruptions of transparent and intense shards of colours that immerse and mesmerize your eyes and thoughts.”

“With their grand scale, bold use of colour, and high gloss finish, Miertje Skidmore’s abstracted landscapes, depict the power of the elements and their capacity for destruction and regeneration. Since her first ever solo exhibition at art images gallery Adelaide, Miertje Skidmore has exhibited throughout Australia, now represented by commercial galleries in Sydney Melbourne and Queensland, she has fast become one of our most sought after artists.”


Miertje Skidmore Statement

"I generally paint and see our earth with the surrounding universe in a vivid explosion of colours and never ending movement and energy. At times we all need to step back and listen to our body demanding a more serene environment to reboot ourselves; it may be something as simple as a walk on the beach with soft ripples of waves, with our feet in the warm sand. Even the warm sun slowly drying our plants after the rain or listening to nothing more than a few birds enjoying that same process.
This body of works acknowledges the need for those more subtle moments in life."
-Miertje Skidmore, 2015

Art often is seen and felt as an enlightening and emotive personal experience.
The visual language of spontaneous shards of dynamic colours against the softest cloudlike subtle hues, is how I express my artistic voice. In an abstract form, I like to engage others into their own perceptions of what they see. We all assimilate our environment and life’s experiences very individually which I personally express on canvas with varying overlays of transparent and opaque paints, even though the subject and meaning of each work is apparent to me it is still through the eyes of the observer that the final conclusions are made.


Miertje Skidmore Resumé

Solo Exhibitions
Artist in resid’ Mid North, S.Australia (1992 1997)
South Coast, Regional art centre Goolwa, S.Australia (2006)
Soho galleries, Sydney, N.S.W. (2007)
Soho galleries, Sydney, N.S.W. (2008)
Art Images, Adelaide, S.Australia (2007)
Interno gallery, Adelaide, S.Australia (2008)
Art Images, Adelaide, S.Australia (2008)
Without Pier, Cheltenham , Victoria (2009)
Manyung Gallery, Malvern , Victoria (2009)
Astras gallery, Gold Coast, Queensland (2010)
Art Images, Adelaide, S.Australia (2010)
Soho galleries, Sydney, N.S.W. (2010)
Manyung Gallery Malvern [Glenferrie contemp’], Victoria (2010)
Without Pier, Cheltenham, Victoria (2011)
Manyung Gallery Sorrento, Victoria (2011)
Manyung Gallery Sorrento , Victoria (2012)
Soho Galleries, Sydney, N.S.W. (2012)
Glenferrie Road Contemporary, Victoria (2013)
Manyung Gallery Sorrento, Victoria (2013)
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Victoria (2014)
Manyung Gallery Sorrento Victoria, (2014)
Soho Galleries Sydney N.S.W., (2014)
Manyung gallery Malvern [Glenferrie contemp’], Victoria, (2015)
Art Images Adelaide, S.Australia, (2015)

Group Exhibitions
Art Images, Norwood, South Australia (2007)
Art House, Somerton Park, South Australia (2007)
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Victoria (2008)
Art Gallery Collections, Gold Coast, Queensland(2008)
Art Gallery Collections, Mooloolaba, Queensland (2008)
Soho Gallery [the best of], N.S.W. (2008)
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza [2 shows], Victoria (2009)
Glenferrie Road Contemporary, Victoria(2009)
Soho Gallery [the best of], N.S.W. (2009)
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza [2 shows], Victoria (2010)
Camberwell Rotary Art Show, Victoria (2010)
Soho Gallery[the best of], N.S.W. (2011)
Manyung Wearable Arts, Victoria (2011)
Soho Gallery, N.S.W. (2012)
Camberwell Rotary Art Show, Victoria (2012)
Manyung Gallery March Abstract Show, Victoria (2012)
Soho Gallery [The Best Of], N.S.W. (2012)
Soho Gallery, N.S.W. (2012)
Soho Gallery, N.S.W. (3013)
Soho Gallery [The Best Of}, N.S.W. (2013)
Cube Gallery, Bristol (2013)

Exhibitions General
Regional Exhibition (1991)
Victor Harbor Rotary Art Show (1998-05)
Fleurieu Art Show (2006)
Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize (2009)

International Representation
U.K, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Art Show Exhibitions
2007 Art Sydney
2008 Art Melbourne
2008 Art Brisbane
2008 Art Sydney
2009 Art Melbourne
2009 Audi Release (R8 Sports Car)
2009 (Finalist) The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize
2009 (Highly Commended) The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize
2009 Art Sydney
2010 Art melbourne
2010 Art Sydney
2011 Art Melbourne
2012 Singapore Affordable Art Fair
2013 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
2013 Bristol Affordable Art Fair
2013 London International Art Fair
2013 London Hampstead Art Fair
2013 New York Art Southampton USA
2013 Stockholm Art Fair
2013 Sydney Affordable Art Fair
2013 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair
2013 Hamburh Affordable Art Fair
2013 Singapore Affordable Art Fair
2013 London Battersea Art Fair
2014 Brussels Art Fair
2014 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
2014 Singapore Affordable Art Fair
2015 Singapore Affordable Art Fair
2015 Chifley Towers, Sydney CBD

Selected Collections
National Bank, Malaysian Power Board, Singapore, Orica Mining Australia, Miele Australia, Sofitel Gold Coast, Sofitel Brisbane

Private Collections
China, Norway, Holland, England, Germany, California U.S.A, Singapore, Washington U.S.A, Princess Monika of Germany


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